CC Small Semicircle

Hello folks,
This is my first post, so please bare with me. I’m a fairly new user of Carbide Create and having some troubles drawing a small semicircle, with rounded ends. Here is what I’ve done so far…

  1. Created a large circle for the outside diameter
  2. Created a slightly smaller circle for the inside diameter
  3. Created 2 small circles to be the rounded edges of the semicircle

It’s the boolean that I am struggling with. I can get close by drawing a polyline all the way around the outer circle, leaving the part I want alone. This gets me what I want, but then i’m left with a giant pie shape in the middle, which I don’t want.

I’ll attach some screen shots below.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. This last piece is all that’s left of my design.


You’re almost there.

Order of operations is:

  • draw in a polyline which defines the wedge:

  • node edit it so that it extends beyond the outer circle:

  • select the former wedge and the outer circle:

  • Boolean intersection:

  • select the wedge and the two small circles:

  • Boolean union:

  • shift-click on the inner circle to add it to the selection as the key object:

  • Boolean subtraction:


Thank you!!!

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