CC v7 Boolean Video

In case you missed this video from C3D you should take a look at it with the new features of Boolean.


Is there a version 7 Pro? Or maybe I am just trying to download it wrong. This is what I have been missing in my life

The new V726 CC has been released as stable and is now the current CC. If you had a Pro license before you still have pro. Otherwise you can buy the pro license. I have the pro version but when I upgraded from the beta v7 to the current stable version it did not recognize my pro license. So I went to my email and copied the text file and inserted it in the data directory and my pro features were back.

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Aside from the fact that “Union” only works on 2 objects, and “Weld” works on more than 2…

There seems to be no difference in the way they behave. If I “Weld” 2 objects I get the same results as “Union” with the same 2 objects. What is then the point of keeping both functions? It seems they are just 2 terms, from different disciplines, that describe the same functionality. ???

“Weld” treats each vector as an outline and unions them all together, and the result will never have any inner vectors. Union considers inner vectors of groups or text as a “hole”, so the resulting objects can have inner contours in it.

If you don’t have any inner vectors, the results should be identical.

You can duplicate the stacked text example from the video with union and weld to see the difference.


TINY Defect:

Just noticed that Selecting ALL (CTRL-A in Windows) does not enable the boolean functions if one or more of the selected objects are a polyline - however, if you drag select those same items, the boolean functions are enabled.

Start with this design:
Hit CTRL-A — All selected, Boolean options are available.

Now…add a poly line:
Hit CTRL-A – NOTE: No Boolean options are available in the left panel

However, drag select all the objects and the boolean options are now available:

I would think the behavior would be the same in both cases.

Open/unclosed geometry can’t be used for Boolean operation since it doesn’t describe a closed region — having an open path has always disabled the Boolean features — remove it from the selection to enable them.

Not my point, Will. Even with the open geometry, the Select ALL option functions differently than selecting all. They should behave the same way.

[EDIT] And I like the way manually selecting all works better…so don’t change that! Make CTRL-A function the same way as dragging a rectangle around the whole thing!

The bug is that dragging doesn’t do the same check that selection does.

OK…but it’s going to be confusing if you select things with dragging and they don’t actually select — so change CTRL-A to do the same thing as the drag selection

Dragging should leave things selected, it should not enable Boolean operations for objects which are not eligible for them.

We will have to agree to disagree here. With the Boolean preview, you can clearly see that the ineligible objects are not considered during the Boolean functions. To disable Boolean functions (or not enable them) just because an ineligible object happens to be included along with eligible ones would force the user to have to identify and deselect all of those objects in order to enable the Boolean functions…that would be onerous, particularly for complex designs with lots of objects - some eligible; some not.

Particularly with CTRL-A, where you don’t have an opportunity to only select eligible objects, you will be forced to deselect — if you have a lot of ineligible objects in your design, you almost would not be able to use CTRL-A.

In my opinion, the way drag and drop works today is perfect - let me select whatever I want…if two or more eligible objects are in the selection, enable the applicable Boolean operators - the preview will show the results for only the eligible objects. CTRL-A should behave the same way.

EDIT: I moved this to the requested feature thread for CC.

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