CC Vcarve help!

Please advise where I am messing up. This should be simple for vcarve in CC to do. I have read the several posts that show the depth is conducive to the edges touching the outline. It always seems to overshoot the depth though. This was done using a 60 degree Vee bit as the text was relatively small. It went DEEP! and if you look in the actual carving it overshot where the “lines” would be compared to the CC rendition. I’ll attach the G code as well. Thanks all!!! (17.4 KB)

Looks to me like you used each line as a toolpath. When the toolpath shuld be between the two lines.

The preview looks good:

You are setting zero on the surface of the stock? Safety/retract height is 6.350 mm?

Please check how you are setting zero — it may help to review:

I did screw up the Z, I think that might have been the issue.

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