CC Will not run new WIN10 install

So are you dual booting between two drives or just replaced your hard drive with the ssd?

I was considering an ssd drive for my win 10 laptop. Take a look for a bug that was causing problems on ssd drives in windows 10. There is a simple fix. The problem has to do with defragging an ssd or rather not degragging. Degragging causes problems on ssd so just look it up so you dont have any problems with your ssd drive in the future.


Glad you found the solution. I am in the same boat.
Updating Windows10 32 bit to Window10 64 bit

I am using this forum to do a bit of ‘whining’ :slight_smile:

With dozens of programs - one over 25 years old which is still used regularly - installed on my systems (I have two) upgrading to Windows 10 64 bit is daunting to say the least. Some of the programs I use frequently others are specialty applications that only get pulled out occasionally. The first step is to format the drive and start fresh.

All of my data files are safely on other drives so data loss is not a concern. It is reinstalling all of those programs (50+ at last count). Some of which have unique requirements. Add to that updating the options within the programs because they all load their default settings.

My solution - which I am just starting - was to purchase a spare computer for the installation of the new OS. Then install all those applications and verify they work. Any data that is stored on the local drive C: is also brought over. Examples of this are web browser bookmarks and all the e-mail associated messages and folders.

Once the new installation is verified I back it up and transfer it to my current systems. Hopefully the new OS will be activated on the different hardware. I have the COA’s for the OS’s.

I can take my time and hopefully I have all the unique steps documented.

Once I get one done then I get to do it all over again on system 2.

What fun !


I just replaced the drive. It’s all about easy. I got three of the exact same computers. So i guess if dust messes one up I can just plug and go


How do you keep all three computers synchronized ?

Both programs and data.

What do you use for backup software ?


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One option for keeping old computers “running” in their original configuration is to P2V them. You can often take an image of an old computer and run it as a virtual machine on the new one… same os, same software. There are limitations (like if the software directly accesses external hardware and there are no drivers).

This is often viable because the new computer often has much larger/faster storage, ram and cpu. So the old computer runs just as well or better than on the original hardware.

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I like your suggestion. The only draw back for virtual machines is the computer memory is shared and you can run out of memory if you dont have plenty to start with. Virtual machines are great but do have some draw backs due to lack of memory and/or storage space. I do agree that most modern machines have more than enough memory and storage.

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