Center Finder Jig

Hi Guys and Gals,

I am trying to create a center finding jig in Carbide Create.
Something similar to this…

I started drawing it up but am sort of stumped, as to where it can be one piece or a couple parts.

Here is what I have so far.

Center Jig.c2d (44 KB)

Any input would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Looks like one piece…and fairly straight forward, if what you’re looking to create is the tool in the photo. Are you trying to do something more than that?

Cut it upside down for a one piece solution. You have a pocket above the straight edge, then 2 pockets on either side of the straight edge.

Center Jig TB.c2d (44 KB)

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Depending on your use bigger is better. I use similar tools for turning and wish I had one big enough for a 16"blank. My lathe is 16" max. A while back I drew up a plan for a wood one. When I get off phone and on computer I will post it here.

If you want to cut it out of one piece, it would be easiest to cut this from what will be the bottom — there will be a bottom which has the V, and a top which is that plus the straight portion.

First the V:

Cut this out of the stock to half the thickness — first offset the overall part dimensions by endmill diameter plus 10%:

Then cut:

Then cut the balance:

An optional improvement would be to relieve the corner.

Attached as a v7 file.

Center Jig_v7.c2d (64 KB)


If you like the idea of being able to substitute rulers…This is kind of what you’re looking for:
Centering Jig.c2d (404 KB)

The simulation looks like this:

A little detail on the body:

You’d need to adjust the dimensions to match the size you want, the timing you want to take to make it, and the rulers / bolts you have


I improved the hole placement over my previous post:
Centering Jig.c2d (404 KB)


Thank you for your input. You all had a hand in my final solution.
What I did was this…

Center Jig Orig.c2d (212 KB)

Updated screenshot. Fix issue with tiny wings on either side.
I will be using this to find center on round blanks to make decorative plates.

I always get the help I need here.

Thanks again!!!


Completed project…

IT’S ALIVE!!! :japanese_ogre: and it works too!


Do the holes have a functional purpose or just to make it lighter and easier to move around?

Yes, it is just to make it lighter. It is very functional.

Well then, you could have used pumpkins and witches instead😊

I could have, but this is a year-round tool, not seasonal. This way I only need one not one for every holiday. :blush: :wink:

Yes, but you could have won Contest 29!

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Didn’t know there was a Contest 29! :thinking:

Your project would have a “unique angle” :slight_smile:

Hey! I don’t need the competition. I already have two entries there :joy:

I assume the “PUN” was intended? :crazy_face:

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