Center of Nomad Flip Jig

After reading everything on the table-bed Nomad Pro in the forums.
And when I finished a project, there was a lag on both sides. So, I just prepared something, if I’m not mistaken:
With the Caption montion software, at the “rapid position” option, click on center ©, set zero all. then move the X axis to -19.5 mm (3/4 in) and set all zero.
Ideally, this is to add an F button, for flip-jig, to the rapid position page of caption montion.
Here are the theoretical measurements.

For Normad Pro only, on caption montion :

Hello Elie,

If you flip the jig in the Y direction rather than the X direction, you will not need to worry about the centre position and will not need an (F) button.

That is, when you turn it over, don’t put the left hand side on the right. Instead, put the bottom side on the top.


Thank you !
You were right, I hadn’t thought about it. LOL!
But I’m losing 19.5mm of workspace on the X axis whit Nomad Flip Jig

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