Chamfer perimeter

I know you’re way past it by now but to answer your question about F360, yes, it’s very easy to toggle between closed and open paths. Hold down your alt key while in selection mode.

Thanks Heathenx, good to know.

Thanks for the tip Raymond. I’m still trying to decide whether I should fully invest my time in Fusion 360

So can I go ahead and chamfer with CC and that file? Not sure I want to invest in another software at this point.

On the topic of chamfers, I’m trying to cut out this pentagon with a chamfer. Based on what I’ve learnt so far, I created a slightly larger pentagon to act as the tool path for the Vbit.

What I got was these weird blue tool path lines which criss cross across the object. Also, using CC’s V Carve option, there is no option to control the depth of cut.

Help please! Thanks in advance.

You need to select an inner and outer profile for the V carve, and you should inset the inner less than the outer so that the tip of the V endmill will be outside of the desired profile.

Please see where I drew in a circle to indicate where I wanted the endmill to be based on the desired size of the chamfer.

Will, I’m really sorry to be such a pain but I still have questions:

  1. For the pentagon (or any other object for that matter) to chamfer using CC, I would have to create two paths, an inner and outer as you’d shown earlier. Is this correct?

  2. For the Hook earlier, as the path ends abruptly, where you suggested Vectric VCarve, will CC not work?

Again, apologies for the persistent questions - I just need to get my head around this once and for all.

1 - correct.

2 - Carbide Create will work, but if things aren’t just so when the curves are converted to polylines you get the artifacts / extra movement which you noted. It’s annoying, but doesn’t seem to be a real problem As noted, Vectric Vcarve handles this differently, avoiding the problem.

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