Chamfer/threading advice?

Chamfering before hand tapping threads makes a lot of sense, it really helps get the tap started easily, thread milling, not so sure.

Thanks @BartK… This will be great reference file.
Any recommendations on thread mills / sources?

Recently purchased some of these and they seem to work great.


@BartK Could you share the cutter settings that you entered for the tool in fusion 360? I bought some of the same thread mills and now that I’m looking at the specifications I’m a little confused by the “Escape from the sky” dimension…

Even better, if you could share some project that is using the thread mill then I could reference the actual machining operation. I’ve never used a thread mill before and getting it right looks like I need to learn some more!

Chris, did you see my previous post? I did attach a file with all the info you’re asking for.

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@BartK nope, I totally missed the file up there. Doh! That’s exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks!

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