Chamfered through holes in CC

I tried searching for this but came up, I think, empty. I am still new to CNC, so, I’m sorry if it is a common question.

I have a project I am modeling in Carbide Create. It is basically a flat sign that I want to mill through-holes in. These holes may not be circular, but rather, say, kidney shapes. I don’t think Carbide Create allows me to make a chamfered hole, but instead only allows flat, vertical face, holes. I read about people using a chamfer router bit, but it was not clear if this was a process done after CNC’ing the work piece, in a post-product extra step.

Tl;dr: Can a person make chamfered through holes in CC?



You should be able to do this — just offset where you want the chamfer to be by as much as you want the chamfer, then use a V carving to clear the chamfer (may need to inset by a bit more to limit the plunge depth), then drill the hole.

Thanks, Will. I appreciate the time.

So, basically, create an additional v carve tool path to trace on the “outside shape” of the hole? If I had a 1" diameter circle, create a tool path for perhaps 0.125" over that, and let the v carve bit skim the perimeter?



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Yes, that would work, or if you just do a profile toolpath “on” the line at the depth you want for the chamfer, except use a V bit in your router as opposed to a flat end mill.

Note: Someone else mentioned recently that a slight inset offset makes a slightly cleaner chamfer, I have not tried that personally. Also be aware that it won’t preview correctly since you’ll be using a V bit and the software thinks it’s a square bit.


Got it. Let me go see what I can do. Thank you for the help.



If you want a clean chamfer of known width, here’s how I do it.
VeeBit Chamfering.pdf (25.5 KB)


Nice! Saved. thank you.

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