Chamfering part edge in MeshCam

Hi All,
Please, questions pertaining to MechCam only.

I would like to chamfer the edges of this part, 45°. An have the following questions …

  1. What TOOLPATH to use?
  2. How to dimension a chamfering tool in the tool menu.
  3. How to set the depth of cut of the chamfering tool for a .04" x 45° edge chamfer.
  4. How to just select the edges to chamfer without selecting ones that need no chamfer.

Thank you for any help on this ~KAP (87.5 KB)

I don’t believe MeshCAM has a specific chamfering toolpath/option to use a chamfering tool — instead, since the chamfer is designed into the 3D model it would be cut using a succession of ball-nosed tools.

Alternately, if you have tooling suited to cutting chamfers in the material you are cutting you could set this up in Carbide Create instead — you’d just want to offset the geometry (or re-draw it) for a No-offset Contour toolpath to the correct depth (just draw the tool up in profile or do the trigonometry to determine that).

If you have problems with this, post the file, or a dimensioned drawing and we will walk through this with you.

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Q: If one was to make the part in MechCam after setting the X-Y-Z axis using the Bitsetter and then draw up the chamfer conture in Carbide Create Pro would the X-Y-Z be the same point?

If not, how would one do this between the two software’s?

Just curious ~KAP

If the geometries in the two programs were aligned, then use, this should work — I’d test in a piece of scrap first though, or you could use a 3rd part G-code previewer which allows combining multiple G-code files into a single project.

If things don’t line up, you’d need to determine what the offset is and why and how to adjust for it — again, test this in a piece of scrap.

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