Change of tooling and V curve options

Hi, I am completely new to CNC and was trying to use two tooling or bits for one run. It does tell me to confirm the tooling after first tooling is done.

  1. My question is: do I have to pause and change the bit and zero the Z or what?
  2. I used carbide creat to design me some lines with V bit. But couldn’t see in the simulation. I used lines with the options from square and z lines.
    Thanks in advance

Save the GCode (files) as 2 different programs (One for each tool)

So, does that means I can not run two different bits in one run.


I take it you don’t like my answer.

Ok, thanks for your help. I am still very new to CNC and sorry if my question were unreasonable

Actually, one can get two different tool runs in a single file — that’s what the tool change commands in G-code are for — but that’s a bit risky for a machine w/o an ATC (automatic tool changer) — it’s just a matter of using a command-control program which will read the tool change command, pause the machine, allow you to stop the router, change the tool, and then resume.

Best practice at the hobby level is generally held to be separate files for each tool as @RichCournoyer noted. This also helps in the event that there’s a disconnect when the router is powered off or on.



What machine are you using?
S3 or Nomad?

A screenshot of your Carbide Create file would help with fine tuning your settings.

Thanks for all the responses. I just bought new Shapeoko 3 XL from Carbide 3

That’s right. Carbide Create is 2.5D. That is you choose paths on a 2D image and assign operation and/or depth (where the 0.5 comes from). To do 3D from an stl, you need 3D CAM like MeshCAM.

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