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Some how in the wonderful world of computers my login credentials for this site has become unrecognizable. How or where do you change the password, it will recognize my user name and e-mail but not password. Help please

Unfortunately, a number of e-mail providers won’t forward on our password reset and account activation e-mails.

If need be, we can look into adding a second e-mail address to your account, but this requires a bit of coordination — the most expedient thing to do is probably to make a new account.

I use a password manager called LastPass. You never forget passwords. The app is free and can generate passwords that are random and as long as you want. When I had corporate logins that was gdonham. This gave hackers half of what they needed to get in. With LastPass I have randomly generated usernames and passwords for my financial accounts. If you using the same username and password every where then shame on you. If a small business get their info stolen hackers have access to your financial info even though the site was maybe a forum like this one.

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