Change TEXT vectors in CC Pro

Using Carbide Create Pro, how do I make format modifications (text content, text font and text size) to text I have previously created?

If you didn’t “create curves” then you should be able to select the text and hit the text button again to pull up the parameters. If you did choose the “create curves” or whatever it is called then you are out of luck.


When creating small trays, etc with names, I like to fill the name space with the particular person’s name. “Bob” requires less space that “Michelle” so Convert to Curves and Scale are used to adjust the letters. Once converted, the text itself is no longer editable so I always make a copy of the name and drag it off my defined workspace. The original gets converted and modified while the copy is remains as text thus retaining my starting point font and size. I can then copy/paste/change that text for the next needed name and continue on.

There is a process and it took me some time to figure this simple technique out. But it works!


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