Change the Bitsetter change bit location

With my limited understanding of the gcode and how the bitsetter works - when CM sees M6 in the gcode, then CM will start a macro that will run the user through the bitsetter tool changes. So does this mean the bit change location is hardcoded into CM or is this possibly a user configurable setting? The front of the machine is not necessarily the best place for my setup sometimes to change out a bit depending on what work I am doing. Also, I would prefer to not damage a bit if I happen to drop it on the concrete floor. I would like to change the bit out over wasteboard, if possible. Any suggestions on how to change the bit change location?

It’s currently hardcoded in CM…may or may not become a configurable param one day, since several people have reported wanting to change that position.

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well, that’s unfortunate. Hopefully that will be changed to allow people to pick a location that suits their needs. Thanks for the reply.

I use / keep a smallish sheet of foam on my table for just that purpose … keeping the bit off the floor. Just slide it under the router when you change the bit.


I question about the bit setter location being hard coded. If it were hard coded why must you jog to the center of the button during initial calibration of the bit setter. After setting up the location I agree that its coordinates are persistent but they have to be set up first. It may be that the general area is prescribed but final position is set during calibration.

The BitSetter location has to be entered by the user to match the location of their BitSetter.

The tool change location is hard-coded in Carbide Motion.

Sorry I mis understood the question. I will go back to sleep now.

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