Changed to Mac from windows

Okay I changed over to a Mac from windows. Installed cc for Mac. I do not see the file option anymore. How do I get to the c2d files I created in the previous version and have moved from the windows machine over to the Mac

C2D files should be associated w/ the application and should open when double-clicked — could you send us a screengrab of Carbide Create running on your Mac? The File menu should be at the top/main menu

Top left of your screen, next to “Carbide Create”

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Okay all thank you. I had a brain f. Thanks all.
Next to re install CM. And reset up my machine.

It takes a while after years of Windows to learn to look at the main system menu bar instead of the application window on Mac (and many linux GUI). When you’re only used to seeing “start” there you don’t look for ‘file’ and others.

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