Changes to stock GRBL 1.1

There is a topic from 2017: GRBL 1.1 changes from stock? It states there are no changes to stock except the config file. Is it still true?

At least I have not heard of any change being mentioned here on the forum since then.

And updating GRBL is such a potential source of trouble for C3D that I think they would not change anything unless they absolutely need to (each change means living with a heterogenous user base, and coming up with updaters and instructions and supporting that migration for years, cf the 0.9 to 1.1 migration)

And then again I’m not in the know…

Given that we haven’t updated our Grbl firmware since then (a thing which I was caught out on once since I was stupid enough to answer a question in a general way when I should have let it go until I had access to a machine to check the specific version), yes.

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