Changing Default Tool in Carbide Create Pro

When creating a tool path, the default tool is end mill #102 1/8". I have created our own tool library and would like to change the default tool to an end mill in our library. I know that this has been brought up before, but no one has provided a solution to this dilemma. TIA

C3D has the built in tools database that is not able to be modified permanently. As you choose a tool you can modify a C3D tool but the next tool path with that tool goes back to the default settings. You can copy that tool and give it a unique tool number, never duplicate tool numbers, and you can permanently modify that tool.

Now if you mean when you make a new tool path the default tool is the #102 1/8" for me. That has been discussed and it is not modifiable. That is what C3D has coded in CC and you cannot change it. The only exception if you pick like a #251 and make a tool path the next tool path usually has the #251 as the default tool. There is a file that stores the current state of CC and that is read. However if you open a new instance of CC and make the first tool path I am pretty sure the #102 is the default tool again.

If you open CC and then Help and click on Go to Data Directory and pick CC there is a file called settings. That is where the current settings for your CC is stored. That file is where the data if you open Cc and then open a file it goes to the last file saved. If you can write scripts you might be able to modify that file and insert it in to the location but that is way above my ability and pay grade. Plus I dont know the internals of CC so that might not even work.