Changing depth?

Hi again everyone. Is there no way to change the depth on the v-carve setting in carbide create? Still having issues with my original problem…

In V-carving, there is no way to “change depth” per se, as depth depends on the shapes you are cutting. BUT, in the latest CarbideCreate version you have “advanced v-carve” toolpaths that will let you set a limit depth / flat depth, which I think may be what you are looking for.
See this nice tutorial.

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Ok. I did see an update available for carbide create. I was hesitant as I’m brand new to CNC and learning the program. I guess it would be better to update so I’m learning the newest version instead of an earlier version.

I’ll explain what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to carve the Coast Guard emblem. It’s still the original problem - large works fine, scaled down doesn’t. It keeps leaving unfinished carvings in the letters and v-carve is going way too deep that is pretty much just a hole…

Post your c2d file here so that we can help (sometimes it’s a minor detail in how you select features)

I’m not in my shop currently. I’m on my phone here.

The size of materials are 10.5” high 14.25” wide. That works perfectly. The scaled down is 7” high 10” wide. That’s the issue.

okay, well I think it will be easier to just “show you” on your design how it could be done, so when you have access to the file post it here.

(I think there is also a permanent offer from C3D where you can send your question and design file to their support email, and they’ll help you achieve what you want to do)

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