Changing Order of Toolpaths

I am using CC 514 and want to change the order of tool paths. Seems to me in earlier versions you could either drag them or in the menu you could move them up or down.

In 514 I cannot figure out how to move the order. Can someone please comment on how to change the order of toolpaths. Thanks

What OS platform are you on? I am pretty sure I have been reordering mine on the recent version by clicking and dragging up and down the list.

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Drag drop should work — what OS and pointing device are you using?

@gdon_2003 Just tried in on Windows 10, video attached. (can play in VLC or similar program after unzip).

2021-01-31 (476.9 KB)

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I am running Win 10 latest patched. I found a work around, created second group and dragged tool path to that new group. I tried just dragging the toolpath but it went right back where it was. The right click has no option for moving up/down.

It can snap back pretty easily, if you were able to watch my video that happened to me too. I did have some issues on a touchpad (have to stay clicked and move carefully) but a mouse works fine.

you can drag and drop BUT

i the 5xx series, it got a lot more sensitive on exactly where to drop.
If you’re on a drop-able spot a thin black line appears and it’ll drop there.
But again, it’s very very sensitive compared to before

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Thanks for the help. I will revisit later and figure out what I was doing wrong.

Came to the forum in search of an answer to this challenge too (you’re definitely not alone!)… If I drag a toolpath to the top of the group, it disappears from the order entirely, yet the toolpath itself still remains on both the design visual and the simulation screens?!? :man_shrugging:

Please post a file which that happens with on a current version of Carbide Create on an up-to-date version of your OS (let us know which OS you are running) and we’ll do our best to look into it.

I just tried on Windows and was able to drag a toolpath to the top of the list w/o it disappearing.

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You bet - the following was a simple wall plaque created in CC Pro V514. OS: Win 10 Pro V1903…

If you look at the toolpaths, there -should- be 4 (an advanced V carve for the text and inner profile, a pocket cutting .2" for 2x round washers, an outer perimeter path to remove the final item from the stock, and the fourth path (that I tried to move ahead of the Adv V carve, and which isn’t showing in the list, but IS still present in the Simulation) is a pair of through-material holes for bolts (Both the file and screenshots attached for the file in question)

(EDIT: Strangely, after closing the CC instance, then re-opening it with the same file brings all 4 toolpaths back into vision…!)

Unit A.c2d (444.5 KB)

I was able to replicate this behavior and will post it to the beta testing area.


Will, That was also happening to me. I could not drag the tool paths to change order and if I went to the top the tool path would disappear. Not sure if it was combining it into the top tool path or just disparaging. Since the tool path disappeared I just deleted my tool paths and created them again in the order I wanted them.

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