Changing out v-wheels

I’ve gotten replace v-wheels for my xxl. Just the plastic wheels themselves. Anything more complicated than unscrewing the nut on the back and replacing the wheels on the baring? Thought I check before I do something I regret.

Use a bolt for leverage to remove the bearings.

If you’re feeling ambitious and have a set of calipers measure the races between where the bearings go and if any marked differences arrange to minimize same


They should measure 0.435 +/- 0.002

Anything outside that range is a problem. (Don’t ask how and why I know this number…it’s an engineering thing)

The spacer between the bearings can (and often) will fall behind a bearing.

Hint: Install them flat, rather than vertical.


Well now I want to know. How do you know that is the number?

If I’m not learning something new, I’m wasting oxygen.


Eidetic memory for numbers…I can’t remember someone’s name for $hit, but tell me their phone number…and it’s there forever.

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See, I did learn something new. And a new word.

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Replace any bearings leaking oil, if they are leaking oil they probably have some runout.

They are cheap, Openbuilds has them for $1 each.