Channeling Vince (feeds/speeds)

I’m working on a project and needed a fairly simple PCB. So I ordered supplies (copper-clad boards and 1.5-MM bits) on Amazon.

I drew my board in Cut2D. I’m using Cut2D because the board is simultaneously simple and strange. Strange in that it is for passive components which may vary in size depending on values (which can change) and supplier. So I’ve tried to design some flexibility into the board.

When adding the router bit in Cut2D, I decided I’d enter the feeds and speeds in imperial (my comfort zone) rather than metric.

But I selected inches per second instead of inches per minute. 12.5 inches/second, to be exact.

And I realize the SO3 likely ran at its max speed (whatever that is and not a foot a second), but that is still really fast (and very exciting) when you’re expecting 12.5 inches/minute.

Honesty, the part didn’t come out bad but some straight lines are slightly curved due to acceleration/deceleration at those speeds.

In fact, it came out nice enough that the next one I made at 25 inches/second. Next time I’ll probably do 50.


Yeah, that’s one thing which I wish that the CAM tools would take into account, the possible acceleration of the machines — I suspect that it’s the inclusion of acceleration in the calculation (or the limited distances making it less of a concern so it’s considered by/as a default) which makes adaptive clearing so successful.

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