Chasing zeros on a Shapeoko 3

Debugging is always fun. Let us know how it goes. The machine is definitely up to the task. :slight_smile:

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The machine looks great and so do the chips.

I for sure recommend adding a MQL. A Maglube single port made a big difference on my friends Tormach 24r with cut quality and made the tool stay cool to the touch but it was costly up front.

If I didn’t already have a Unist on the way I would highly consider trying the Noga MC3000 dual tip.

It has a very fine fluid adjustment and I would be highly curious if it can be run with a high end hydroponics pump as a low wattage solution vs running a traditional air compressor. I have a 100w 3566 gph air pump that puts out a great air blast when ran through 1/2" lock line with a 1/4" tip.

I find the key for using the 100w air pump is to use the larger feed line and only taper down at the very tip to get the highest air flow. I want to drill out the feed port of the pump to a larger size and epoxy on a larger fitting to see how much flow I can gain. It uses the same front pump housing as the smaller 50w just with a larger motor and longer rotor so there should to be room for improvement if I go from a 1/4" ID port to 1/2" or possibly larger.

It should be noted that the air flow from those style pumps is rapid pulsing not a steady stream.


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