Cheap workflow hack with a magnet

Iv’e been on a cleaning spree lately and just reorganized my tools, end mills, and other things that have been laying around for months. Sadly my “organization” has left me with a new workflow that involves a bit of a walk for wrenches, and measuring tools. So I took a trip to the home goods store grabbed a $15 magnetic knife holder, screwed it to my stand and here’s the result…


For anyone near a harbor freight,


mother of god, I stopped there on my way to get the knife holder, why didn’t I think to look. :roll_eyes:


Don’t be too hard on yourself…No one goes to harbor freight looking for knife holders.


I have a middle tool box under my table that has two drawers. The top drawer holds my router wrenches a 12 inch ruler, 10MM wrench, caliper and pieces of paper for manually setting zero. The lower drawer has all the bits in it and works well. I sit at my machine to work and the tools sticking up would be distracting for me and possibly hazardous when I lean over the machine. Hope they work out well for you. Every body has a different way to work.