Chipload of cutters?

I realize the MeshCam software that works with the Nomad calculates much of the detail work for the tool paths. Being a geek who can’t help but delve into the numbers, I was just wondering where we might find the chip load information for the cutters supplied by Carbide?

Here’s the info I have:
part Head cutting shank tool cutting Chip
num Type diam diam length length load
101 ball 0.125 0.125 1.5 0.75 ?
111 ball 0.0625 0.125 1.5 0.375 ?
102 flat 0.125 0.125 1.5 0.75 ?
112 flat 0.0625 0.125 1.5 0.375 ?

I’d love to fill in the blanks…

Not Carbide3D specific, but the .0625 cutters should probably have about a .0002" chipload and maybe .0005" for the .125 cutters, from what I’ve read (and followed) elsewhere. There are chipload tables at for instance.


Hey Randy- good to see you here!

The Carbide plugin for MeshCAM tries to model the deflection of the cutter based on the material, RPM, stepover, depth-of-cut, and feedrate. If the cutter deflection it too high, by trying to follow the standard SFM and RPM, it’ll backoff the cutting parameters. Cutter deflection leads to bad finishes and broken cutters. For smaller cutters, like the ones used in a Nomad, this is a far bigger limiter to material removal than spindle power.