Choose Happy Drawer Front

I made a large cabinet to put in my Daughters laundry room. They are redoing their laundry room and was asked to make a cabinet to put above their pedestal washer and dryer. I put a drawer on the bottom so soap and other washing related material can be put on it. I went to the lumber store to get some popular to put on as a drawer front. I usually make a captures 1/4" drawer bottom. This drawer is quite wide 49" and is 16" deep. So instead I screwed a piece of 3/4" plywood to the bottom of the drawer to give it the strength to hold heavy objects. I got full extension drawer slides with self closing so it will stay closed so when the outer doors are shut it wont interfere with closing. The lumber store had some narly looking popular that was 6" x 10’ long. It was dirty but they only charged me $10.00. The piece was 7/8" thick. I planned it and it was a nice piece of cherry. So I cut it out to cover the front of the drawer and thought about something to carve on the front. I have talked to my daughter before about how every day we have a choice to be happy or not. So I thought "Choose Happy’ would be appropriate and carved it. I used some acrylic yellow paint but it was just soaking in and was pale. I went to Hobby Lobby and got some opaque yellow airbrush paint. I partially masked the drawer front to limit clean up. The airbursh covered well and I had already sealed the piece with dewaxed shellac. After the paint dried I sanded off the drawer front and applied a couple of coats of shellac. I will most likely apply a few coats of wipe on polly.


Kind of a teaser picture me thinks! So look forward to seeing the completed drawer. What a helpful father you are! The yellow looks almost back-lit!

The cabinet was made with pocket screws and not a CNC project so I did not think anyone would be interested in a cabinet. Tomorrow I will pull the cabinet out and take a picture of the whole thing . I really like making cabinets out of pocket screws. The assembly is super fast and super strong. I made two 4’X8’ cabinets for the shop with 6 doors on each cabinet. I still use the traditional face frame to strengthen the plywood cabinet. I use pocket screws for any utility projects I make.

I have wanted to try putting down a sheet of film over my cuts. Likely soon. Pocket holes with pocket screws! :crazy_face:

I have a slow internet connection but I am in Nacgodoches today so I have more bandwidth.

Here is the cabinet I made for my daughter. It is primed.


Nice looking cabinet sir.

You can’t just buy custom stuff like that. Your Daughter is surely pleased I must say.

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