Choosing motors. What parameters to match between axes

Are there any special considerations to take to make sure that the peformance in the Y axis is the same as the X axis given that the Y axes has two motors versus one in the X?

When choosing the motor specs, would it be as simple as halving the power in the Y axis or does speed, torque, etc matter in pairing motors in different quantities for different axes? Could it be beneficial if upgrading to be able to go cheaper on two of the motors if they are paired?

Thanks for responding to what may ultimately be a dumb question.

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All the x and y motors are the same on the Shapeoko 3. The controller keeps everything in sync. Technically, there is less power in X than Y because of this. It doesn’t really matter though because there are other limitations before you run out of stepper power usually. I don’t think there is much benefit from using smaller motors in Y because they do need to move more mass and are already quite inexpensive.

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Not a dumb question.

As Nick says the motors are the same. There’s at least one good mechanical reason for this, whilst most of the time the two Y motors share the load, when the spindle is at the far left or right end of the X rail most of the cutting force goes to just the nearest Y motor so they need to have the motor torque to handle the same load individually.


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