Christmas Tree Model

Hello Carbide community,

Hope everyone is having a great time and getting ready for some serious workshop time during the holidays!

Being this my fist post, I’d like to share something. This christmas tree design that I made in Sketchup (the link will direct you to the 3dwarehouse) where you can download and customize your file.

The idea for this model is to cut out the pieces and send them unassembled to friends and family in a regular mailing envelope along with a Season’s Greetings card.

Then they can have a little fun putting it all together and hopefully show it off in their bookshelves or fireplace mantles.

In my production files I added some personalized text to be carved on the sides of the base.

Happy holidays!


Neat! Thanks for sharing!

Have you looked at making such designs by 3D modeling, and then using FlatFab?

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