Circles-Ellipse Function

If would be nice if we could manipulate the circle functions skew. Make it into a simple ellipse or oval by simply being able to put different parameters for Height and Width. We may enter the radius of said circle but cannot manipulate x (width) and y (height) individually. If we type in different inputs for x and y it automatically changes both inputs to the x value entered.

I see that this was a function added to the text recently.
Essentially this would save a lot of time for those wanting to cut say a simple oval shape out,
Really not worth the effort right now to go through the steps and drawing all the poly lines in effort to get a perfect ellipse with carbide create.

Just my 2 cents on the matter.

In the new Carbide Create 400 build ( ), while you can’t create an ellipse directly with the circle tool (see Let's draw an "ellipse" with new users to draw one with the curve tool), you can create a circle and distort it:


Thanks for doing what you do, from what I can see you play a major part in the behind the scenes tech. and I have seen your how to on this and have tried it, no offence I honestly don’t think its worth the hassle of having to import an drawing of an ellipse to essentially just end up tracing it and playing around until you have a “perfect enough” ellipse.

I am coming from owning both Fusion 360, Auto Cad 2006-2020, and using vectric’s software. It is simply too easy to draw any size or shape of Ellipse in these programs to have to go through this process of drawing one manually.

If its not a viable option for tech to add into the software than that is fine. I just find this a burden in the program and felt many users whom do not have access to the software I do would benefit from such an option.

I was doing a simple design to try and add to cutrocket, fully drawn in carbide create, and what should have been a 5 minute total programming turned into a headache using carbide create to design a simple ellipse for the final shaping.

Even easel seems to have this feature in their program.

Just my opinion.

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I’m not involved behind the scenes / in development at all, beyond trying to organize bug reports and feature requests.

v4 will be the standard presently, and folks will at least have the option of distorting circles to make ellipses.

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