Clamps for Wider Projects

I designed some clamp stock to use when I want to cut a 17 in piece that extends over the front edge of the XL machine. I only cut 2 of these because I already have a straight across clamp I use for the back of the project. These were cut from 9.25 x 20.5 PVC stock. I will line the inside edge of the clamps with some rubberized drawer lining to keep the work piece from slipping like I did on rear clamps. I attached the files if anyone is interested in making these.

Ummm. IM not able to attach the files but if anyone is interested e-mail me and I can send them.


It sounds like these are for the right and left of the stock, is that right?

Correct, right and left

IMG_0070Clamps.c2d (11.0 KB) (36.7 KB)

I attached the files for the clamps


Cool–thanks for sharing.

Made a little design change to the clamps. If you move the mounting holes 3/4 of an inch toward the inside on each clamp it will give you another 1 1/5 inch of board width and almost the full 33 inches the XL is capable of cutting. I did not upload the new files but the change is easy to make. Or I guess you could make a slot instead of a hole then you would be able to slide the clamps left/right a little as needed.

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Here’s the whole setup and how it works. I put multiple boards in just to show how the work piece can hang off the edge of the machine to get the full 16 inch cut depth


Tried out the new clamps for the first time yesterday and they work great. Much better than clamping the top of the board and now I can cut a full 16 inch board on my XL with the front of the board hanging over the front edge of the machine. Only down side is the Sucket Dust Shoe looses a little bit of suction when cutting over the space between the Left and Right Clamp because it is hanging in open space. Guess I could correct that by making a one piece clamp instead of a left and right, But its really not a big deal and there is still plenty of suction. Making a filler board I could lay in between the two clamps would correct that. Maybe I will make another set of these a little longer on the horizontal axis so there is less open space.


They look great, I’ve been thinking about making something similar, do you have any issues with the material lifting during cutting? and you just push the clamp up hard against the material to get it tight?

Thanks for sharing

You got it. They work great. Just snug them up and have not had any issues with moving. The rubber drawer lining keeps them from sliding left and right