Cleaning up carvings

When I’m doing a carving, either v-carving or 2.5D work, there’s always a few little bits that need work to clean up. Naturally, it’s hard to get sponge sandpaper into those tiny crevices. I have been using an old toothbrush to do the cleanup, and I also have some radial bristle disks and they work ok if it’s a long straight line, but not much good for curves or depressions in the carving.

What is everybody using for doing cleanup on deep carvings?

Coarse steel wool, 3M scotchbrite (not the dish ones, the big 6x9 metal/woodworking ones), and sometimes a sharp exacto knife.


I use a combination of the detail sanding pencils ( search amazon and you will find them easily ), the 3m radial discs + Dremel and the diamond encrusted engraving bits for the Dremel normally get me cleaned up… I also have a large sanding mop on my drill that does a nice job.


some woods though I find just don’t want to clean up 100% smooth… Oak sometimes. Only way to really get super clean results is probably use the expensive tools with the replaceable blades and flip them to a clean edge every few jobs…i.e. Amana… I am seriously considering one of they 1/4" shank tool sets meant for smaller CNC’s. I suppose you can polish your cutters with a stone but I never seem to get that exactly right… and some tool have those funky double angle type edges that I don’t think you can get by hand ( like the ones the Carbide sells - the Whiteside style tool edges )

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