Clock in Vectric Software

Hi all,

I shared this clock on the Shapeoko(unofficial) Facebook page and had a few requests about how I designed it. So I whipped up a quick and dirty tutorial, I use Aspire V9 but no tools were used that aren’t on Vcarve Desktop.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile: Classic Clock_Staylor.pdf (2.4 MB)
note I have just whipped this up to get the guys going, I’ll tidy it up shortly


Nice tutorial! Did you create a pocket in the back for the clock mechanism?

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Thank you! Couple guys on Facebook offered to pay me haha, I couldn’t take their money.

Yeah I put a 50x50mm pocket about 10mm deep in the back for the clock mechanism.

Top tip: buy a continuous sweep clock mechanism, they’re quieter, and make the whole thing feel a lot more classy


Any particular mechanism you recommend? I have looked at them, I purchased a couple but IMO, most are not great. When you make such a nice piece, I would think you’d want a good quality mechanism.


Indeed, the mechanism makes all the difference. I went with this movement—qhtcss/continuous-sweep-movements

It has lasted very well and is completely silent, that store is Australian (local to me) but being Seiko I’m sure you can purchase it anywhere


Nice clock. I like to make clocks. I have bought many clocks mechanisms over the years from, and in Hobby Lobby retail stores. The Seiko mechanisms are the best. From the pictures I cannot tell the scale but if you make a big clock be sure to get the high torque mechanism. With very big hands it puts a lot of stress on the clock mechanism and they will fail within a year with regular clock mechanisms.

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