Close Call on Table Saw

I was cutting some foam insulation down for some boxes to protect my outside faucets. I was running them through with my hand guiding them when piece starts going side ways. Your natural instinct is to try and bring it back. Luckily my hand was far enough back to not get cut.

I have 3 of these Gripper devices to n various configurations. I should have been using one of them. The Gripper keeps control of the work piece but also keeps your hand above the blade.

Many of my projects are cut to size on the table saw. I highly recommend you get some if you have a table saw. They can be used on jointers, bandsaw or most any bladed device.

I need to go change my underwater after such a close call.

Serious injury is always waiting in the shop


Glad to hear that you are ok. I have kickback nightmares quite often. Most dangerous piece of equipment in most shops even if all safety precautions are being used. Stay safe and have a great weekend!

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