Close topic after answered?

If a topic is opened by a user and it is answered right away. Could it be possible for the originating user to close the topic?
Would this help with organization and possibly file space?

I don’t think you can close a topic, but you can mark an answer as a solution.

Many questions on the forum were answered right away and then have evolved into treasures of useful information.

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If you want a topic closed, flag it and note that you’d like for it to be closed and we’ll see about doing so.

We actually try to close threads that have already have a clear answer so the thread doesn’t go off topic and lose its usefulness to future users.

As others have said, I don’t think we have the ability to grant this ability to non-moderators so marking an answer as a solution is a good flag for moderators to take a look and see if the topic can be closed.

so,… one of the above replies need’s to be marked as the “Answer” by the OP…

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