CM 5.12 HDZ Question

I installed my HDZ today and in the configuration there is a choice of two HDZ otpions. I cannot remember the exact wording but there was a full motion and a limited. What are the differences between these two and what would be the application for both.


If you have a suck it dust boot you need to select limited

Hdz gives you more space… so normal option gives you that extra

If you have a wide dust boot like suckit then you’d get collisions… hence the limited option to not use the extra space


Specially the hdz is narrower so it can cut closer to the edge,
The regular option let’s you do that…
… but if you have suckit ears they are wide… and would smack into the side, hence the limited option

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Thanks for you answer. To be clear the “Limited” in only in the X direction and not the Z? I dont have a suckit but I do have a dust boot that fits on the bottom of the router but is thinner than the HDZ is wide but I noticed when jogging I could make my dust boot collide with the supplemental MDF spoil board I have. At the time of the jogging I was off the front of the machine and had not yet installed the dust boot but could see that if the dust boot were installed it would have hit the spoil board.

Yeah just in x axis direction