CM 513 Install MacBook Pro

Disclaimer - I’m a PC guy but use MacBook Pro that was donated to me to run CM. that being said, it was time to upgrade from v314 to the most recent downloadable version v513. downloaded on the Mac and ran the DWG file, drug the CM file into the Applications folder, the Mac asked if i wanted to replace, answered affirmative. Tried to run and got the warning about the file having been downloaded, answered to run anyway, but no joy. Rebooted and tried to run again, but still nothing. So i uninstalled by dragging to the trash, downloaded the DWG file on the PC, moved to the Mac, tried to run again, but still nothing. I know there are a lot of smart folks out there, perhaps one of you could point me in the correct direction?

I’m afraid that more recent versions of Carbide Create require at least Mac OS X 10.12 or later.

Hmm, I’ve got 10.11.6 and apparently can’t upgrade to anything newer. Still working on that issue though.

I have this narrowed down to the “old” MacBook that I’m using, it’s circa 2011 which will not update to 64 bit OS X. Is there a Carbide Motion build log showing which version change is 64 bit support only? I just need to step back one version from there, at least it’s worth a try.
EDIT - Found the list and will give it a try :slight_smile:


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