CM 618 CC 757 CM V7 error

I did a search and didn’t seem to locate my issue.

I downloaded carbide motion 618 and ran through the set up to get my shapeoko and the tool setter functional. Then I downloaded carbide create V7 (757). I created a simple file and saved it. It gives one option: “Save As V6 File…”.

I then opened Carbide motion and attempted to load the file I just created only to get this error: “Only C2D files from carbide create V7 are supported.”

What did I do that was incorrect?

At the top of the drop-down is save and save as. When you are in the tool path tab there is a button save tool paths. One this is done you will be able load the file in CM


You want to just do a regular save, as a V7 C2D file. The GCode is now saved into the C2D file, and you can load a V7 C2D file into CM.

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Unfortunately, that suggestion didn’t work.

Did you sucessfully create a toolpath?

What does the 3D preview show?

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I see where I made my mistake. You are correct. I had forgotten to set the toolpath. Thank you very much, it loaded.

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