CM 622 - Connect/Homing/BitSetter on Each Load File

I just upgraded from v578 to v622 for the Pi. Now when select a new file, it makes me connect/home on every file change. If I want to update the same file that I just ran - with some updates - I have to reconnect to the cutter/rehome/bit setter. Can I turn this off?

That should not happen.

Are you sure you aren’t losing connection when the router is powered off?

I figured out what is causing it. When I click the Load File button, for some reason when my Pi connects to my remote/shared drive via WiFi there has always been a delay in the connection. v578 handled this delay without issue. It’s always been a bit annoying but nothing major. v622 now will disconnect because of this delay.

If I copy the gcode from the remote drive to the Pi and load from there, the disconnect does not happen. Strange!

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The elusive vapor ware. You know the next version will always fix all your ails. C3D is pretty good at improving but there are so many different configurations out there they fix one thing and break two more. That is the life of a vapor ware developer.

Glad you figured your issue out and have a work around.

Vaporware is a product that never materializes into something concrete. I would say Carbide Motion is anything but vaporware.


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