CM: Add "FRAME" Command a la Lightburn

A useful feature of Lightburn is the “Frame” command: Which rapid-jogs the gantry around the outside dimensions of the currently loaded project. This allows you to see the exact boundaries of the project as it relates to the workpiece. Frame in Lightburn will always follow a rectangular path (around the “Size” of the entire project).


  • Assure the loaded project is sized appropriately for the workpiece before cutting begins
  • Assure the project origin is as expected
  • Visualize obstacles like clamps, and L brackets so they are clear of the router path

I would simply put a “Frame” button on the “JOG” screen, which would be enabled when a project is loaded. Pressing the “Frame” button would raise Z to Zero+6mm and then Rapid Jog to the corners of the project’s dimensions, before returning to XY Zero.


Agreed! Very useful feature, would be nice to see.

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