CM: Allow jogging while in Rapid Position Screen

I, like many others, use a remote keypad (or some controller hooked to the arrow keys) to jog the gantry on the Jog screen in order to be able to watch the position more easily. Having to use the mouse and look at the screen breaks the flow. Having this capability (along with the 1-4 speed settings) is great.

However, when I use the Rapid screen, I invariably want to continue to adjust the jog using the arrow keys, as I would using the Jog screen.

It would be helpful to have the same options on the Rapid screen. Let me jog some more without having to go back to the Jog screen. Would be even better if I could get to the Zeros screen too. In fact, it would be best if there was only one screen with both jog and rapid position options.…so we don’t have to move between them at all!


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