CM and VFD spindle issue

Good afternoon,

I recently got a new Macbook and loaded both CC and CM on it. Using CCV757 and CMV752. I’ve never had an issue with either the VFD or the spindle. Now suddenly my spindle will not turn up to the proper speed. It will show 305 and then nothing. ( And yes I’ve double and triple checked that the VFD spindle option was checked on each install)

I opted to try CMV618 went tho the setup procedure and everything was fine. Wen to start a new cut and the same issue the spindle essentially will not turn on to the correct speed.

Powered down both the Spindle/VFD and my Pro 4 XXL, removed all power and ensured all connections were tight. Start everything back up and the same issue comes up.

If I jump back to CMV572 and use MIDI and issue the M3S10000 command the spindle turns on and shows the proper 10K spindle speed ±. Issue the M5 and it turns off.

Back to CM and nothing again. I’m not sure what else to look for or check. Any insights to what has happened would be greatly appreciated

As an after thought I did hit the mode button on the VFD while moving things around checking connections. Is it possible I may have somehow changed a setting there? I was kind of under the impression I had real way to change anything on the VFD.

Please try the new beta:

Installed V622, same result.

Let us know about this at

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