CM: Check a file BEFORE cutting

I was just running a very large dimensioned job, part way through CM threw an error (wish I grabbed a screen shot) stating that the function produced something illegal. The stock is now unusable and I need to figure out what went wrong in what should have been a simple pocket operation.

Can an option be added to CM to check a file before execution to see if there is anything it doesn’t like before starting the actual cut job?

Several viewers out there, I like this one

Thanks Griff, but that the need is for CM to understand it before cutting, an external viewer understanding it doesn’t mean CM understands it and visa-versa.


@NickT Kind of like a “Verify” function? That would be a nice feature. Maybe log it in the Carbide Motion feature request thread?

A G-Code file can be verified by putting Grbl into check mode by sending $C — the machine will then process all the commands but not move.

There’s at least one opensource tool which has an option to do this — building a copy of Grbl into CM which would then process on the computer has been suggested and would do this a bit more quickly.


I guess that answers one question in that CM is responding to an error from the controller not CM responding to an error in the GCode file… At least that’s what it sounds like…

Good to know about the $C… I’ll give that a shot… A step better than having the machine going through the motions with no cutter installed :slight_smile:

Send $C again to get out of check mode.

I tried setting the $C to check my GCode and here is how it went in case others want to try this:

1 - From the MDI tab, send $C. This showed an error stating that GRBL needs to be Idle… This is fine, click OK. DO NOT SENT $C again or it will clear it and be back in normal mode.

2 - Load your file if you have not done so already and start as normal.

3 - CM will rip through it, but the machine itself will remain idle. (Wish it cut this fast :slight_smile: )

4A - IF you hit an error you will get the pop up and then you will have to stop the job as normal. The machine will reset and also clear the $C. The next time you hit run it will be live!

4B - If your job completed without error you will still be in $C mode and nothing will happen if you restart the job. In this case you need to send $C to clear it.

Now to figure out why I am getting an error :wink:


For the error, usually this is Grbl and your CAM program disagreeing about arc calculation.

For setting up AutoDesk Fusion 360 see:

For Vectric VCarve make sure you are using a recent post-processor, using millimeters instead of inches seems more reliable, since the calculations use smaller units which are less likely to trigger the error.

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