CM jog to current offset - crash

[rant start]
So yesterday, for at least the second time, my Nomad lost its mind when I clicked the button in CM “4.0.10 No updates available” (in lower left corner of CM window) to jog to current offset (X & Y): it also moved down in Z crashing into and gouging the wood piece I was working on, and ruining the end mill on a screw used for work holding.

I don’t remember the specifics of what I may have done immediately before clicking the button to go to X & Y, but it has happened before (rarely–once or twice) and is infuriating and somewhat terrifying when it does.

How hard can it be to tell GRBL to move in X & Y and not in Z when an on-screen object is clicked? (Ok, in all fairness, this is what it does successfully 99.9% of the time, but I can’t understand how Z gets thrown into the mix sometimes.)

That is all.
[rant end]

Please try build 412: