CM - Reset feedrate when new file loaded

I’ve been bittern by this more time than I care to admit.

When a new file is loaded, reset the feedrate.

I frequently run a file twice (once for cutting, once for a quick clean-up pass), and the feedrate gets set to 150% or 200% for the second pass. Move to the next thing and whoops that doesn’t sound right, quick, reset the feed rate!

If people need to run multiple files all at an increased feedrate, well the right fix for that is to fix your feed in your design program.


You could create a custom tool database with an existing tool and set the parameters for 150-200 percent feed rate and use that tool for the second path. I realize that would require you to edit the file and change to the custom tool but that would work. Call the tool databse 2nd run or something similar to differentiate it from a first run tool. So speed things up make your first tool path with regular tool and save the file and tool path. Then edit the tool path and use the new custom tool with increased tools. Then run the first tool path, then without resetting any thing else run the second tool path with the increased tool speeds. Although you could just increase the rate like you have been doing before start the the same job again.

Agreed, this would be a nice quality of life addition.

Yes, an updated tool library would be the correct solution here.

The problem is one of expectation and the program doing what it is told.

If you change the feed rate, it’s expected by most folks that it stay changed — it’s not obvious that loading a new file, or sending the same one again should result in that being reset, and arguably it’s reasonable to expect that the feed rate remains the same until one changes it of one’s own volition, or does something which resets the state such as quitting and restarting.

If memory serves, we’ve had folks make both requests on the support queue, so this will be up to the developers to decide on.

In my humble opinion I would prefer it as is until I decide to change it.

Having said that, perhaps a compromise would be a check box on the “Run” tab “Reset Feed rate on Load”

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I can see the point if the same file is run over and over. However the reset to default speed can save you from a big mistake. If you run a job that you increase to 200% and then you load up a job that would be best run at default speeds and feeds you may ruin the second project because it is running at 200%.

Since you know the F&S are set to the default every time you load a file you can choose to increase the speed or leave it as default. I would rather have the default set rather some random percent that I set on the last job.

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And this is the joy of software development, you can never make it suit everyone all of the time as use cases vary amongst the user base.

I tend to do a lot of batch work so for me I am using the same file multiple times in a row, hence I like it to stay as it. Certainly if you are doing single jobs then the use case could be different and you point is certainly understood.

Still new to this and maybe it doesn’t solve the Op’s situation but isn’t there a option to increase or decrease the FR while the job is running?
Don’t know it would it run it up as fast as he needs but I have used it on a few jobs and listen to the mill as it travels through the stock.
As I said just a question for my edification.

In this case, the feedrate would stay the same, since you didn’t load a new file. So, reset on file load, not when the file is run.

The problem is I load file 1, run it, run it again at 200%, then I do a couple of things with what I’ve done so far. After that I load file 2. AT THIS POINT, the feed rate is still 200%, I would like it to reset to 100% when a file is loaded.

Unsubscribing from this one but it sounds like the best backlog item would be to add an option to enable this behaviour, since some like it, some don’t.

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