CM Shortcuts for 513 Build

Is there a way to add keyboard shortcuts for the following:

Jog page
Run page
Current XY

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There isn’t a built-in facility for these in Carbide Motion that I’m aware of — list of the shortcuts at:

Might be one could use Autohotkey or something similar, but that would be unsupported.

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A lot of shortcuts have changed, spacebar acts as enter sometimes, M will not bring up mdi window. Do we have a more updated list?

That’s the thing in order to use joy and a few other apps. I have to use the mouse to go between screens run/jog if there was a built in window jumper shortcut that would be great. Then I could run it to a button and off we go.

There was just an update from 4 to 5. I know they upgrade the software in rounds. Right now it’s Carbide Create, rumour is that Copper is after that, then maybe back to CM. There was a lot of feature requests when they upgraded from 4 to 5. This was in the list, but the software rewrite was so extensive it just didn’t make it…yet. I’m sure @WillAdams and the other folks at Carbide will be asking for feature requests in a couple of months, and a lot of us will be up voting this one.

If you’re going to go so far as to navigate through menus with hotkeys, might as well allow setting zero with hotkeys as well. Other than starting a program, that’s the most common time most people have to reach for a mouse.


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