CM - User Level Selection

Feature request - Have a user-level selection, Basic/Intermediate/Expert, each exposing different selections enabled/visible.

This would allow the experienced user to enable/disable some of the macros that are canned into the workflow. For example, surfacing 10 panel blanks in a row. After each pass of the surfacing bit the z height must be rezeroed. After a rezero the machine runs the bit length macro and returns to work zero. Start the job, Macro asks for tool change, no change required but have to cycle anyway, return to work zero, and finally start the job. Expert users can turn off this macro and save tons of time.

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An example of the user-level idea is the Prusa Slicer software.

I have made the “advanced mode” recommendation as well.

On your specific use in the post, I just save several files automatically. A 1.010", 0.020", 0.030", 0.040", 0.050", etc deep surfacing file. If the first file doesn’t get it, I move to the second…so on. That way I don’t have to reset anything and I can be as lazy as possible. :smiley:


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