CM V4 status? <but it needs more characters>

I’ve sent in some bug reports, I know a bunch of others have. Doesn’t seem like anyone is getting responses that they were even received. Is there a double-secret posting somewhere with a listing of what has been reported?

Here’s what I’ve reported:

I have an IOT remote switch set up for the router on my SO3XL. The Gcode for the tool change is before the M3 to turn on the spindle, but when running carbide motion, the tool change dialog comes up -after- the spindle has been turned on. Which is not so helpful. Gcode was generated from carbide create in this case. Spindle enable/disable works properly (ie. on when M3, off when M5) This isn’t different than CM3, but it still seems wrong. Would be nice if the tool change on the SO3 would do roughly what it does on the nomad - bring the spindle to the center front, turn off the spindle.

M6 T12
M3 S7639

I keep getting caught out by how the buttons work. The menu in the top right doesn’t seem to work if another screen is up. Example: enter Jog, then “rapid”, then click “jog” or “run” in the menu - nothing happens. You have to click done in the page, then the menu works. It’s totally unclear that the menu is disabled in these modals…you have to just know that you need to click the yellow “done” buttons to get things working.

I’m waiting patiently for likely many more v4 revisions before I go messing with upgrading… while I’ve thought about an IoT spindle switcher, like you, I’m running with human-controlled touch push buttons on my new dual controller case. Your situation would frustrate me to no end…