CM why z first?

I am curious when CM goes t run a job, it runs the z before the x and y. This can be hazardous if there is something accidentally in the way. It makes more sense for me that you move x and y first.

Lifts the cutting tool to clear the workpiece mounted on the table. On VMC this can save a cutter worth hundreds of dollars from destroying a workpiece worth thousands of dollars.

This is not CM, this is the post processor in CC, which has to work for all Carbide machines from the start of time (including those without homing switches).

We’re working on an update that will have different post processors for each machine and will be able to start the job in a safer way for machines with homing switches (everything from the past 4 years).


Thanks Rob. Just kinda of an ah ha moment for me. Keep up the great work.

No problem. This has been one of those frustrating things that actually takes a massive internal change to fix even though it looks small on the outside. We’re partially done so hopefully it’ll make an appearance after the new tool database functions.