CM wont jog past 99mm BUT WILL machine past 99mm

So I was setting up my new Z axis and as everyone knows CM is hard wired to travel no more than 99mm. I jog my machine and sure enough it stops at 99mm.

I wanted to see if drilling aluminum was easier with the new lead screw Z axis. Before the upgrade I was drilling and belt was slipping. I left the drill bit in my spindle and after up grade and re install of spindle I zeroed out with my touch probe and ran my drill through some 3/8" aluminum.

Here is the interesting part, i didn’t lower my spindle to compensate for CM only jogging 99mm.
so my drill bit stops about 1 mm above my aluminum when jogging down but I was able to zero off touch probe and drill through my aluminum. Basically CM allowed me 109mm of travel.

Has any one else noticed this? Ray

I suspect Carbide would classify that as a bug, not a feature :slight_smile:


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