CM4 display actual feed rate on job progress screen (Already there)

2nd Edit: Ignore this post. I somehow missed that CM already displays the current feed rate and the adjustment percentage right on the job progress screen, on the left hand side, right below the XYZ coordinates. Great minds were ahead of me.

Edit: The below text gives background but the initial question is answered. Please consider as a feature request adding real time feed and plunge rates to the job progress screen in CM 4.

In Carbide Motion 4, I really like the ability to adjust feed rates either up or down by 10%. However, when making those adjustments repeatedly, are they 10% adjustments always from the initial feed, or from the last value. I’m assuming its from the initial feed rate always.

An example:
Let’s say I run some G-code setup for 100 IPM feed. If I decrease by 10%, I’m now at 90 IPM feed. But if I decrease by 10% again, did I decrease my rate by 9 (10% of 90) or 10 (10% of 100 IPM). So am I at 81 or 80 IPM?

In the greater scheme of things I don’t think it matters, but I am curious. Mainly because I would like to accurately record my feed rates that work; If I find that an initial rate is too high / low, I would like to know what feed rate I ended up with. Perhaps a simple feature request for future iterations of CM4 would be to show what the current feed / plunge rate is at any given time in the job progress window.

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Correct. Just finished a couple of long cuts w/ some straight-aways, and when cutting at 200%, it was twice as fast as the initial speed.

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