CM521: After initializing, how do I manually 'homing cycle'

So, this may be a stupid question but I can’t seem to find the answer (the search turned up no results and the Carbide Motion online documentation appears to be for CM v4)…

I have everything updated to Carbide Motion v5.21 with grbl v1.1f (coming from CM v3.68 with grbl 0.9), on Windows10 and I don’t see a way to initiate the homing cycle after the machine has initialized and gone through that process at CM startup…

If I were to run a job and somehow lose a step or two (due to operator mis-judgement), how would I re-home the machine without restarting Carbide Motion?

Version 3 had a dedicated onscreen button for this, but I haven’t seen anything like that in the new interface. Also, the documentation states that you can directly input coordinate values somewhere, but I haven’t discovered where that would happen yet (and I think the documentation/wiki is geared towards v4), not that that would solve my problem of manually initiating the homing cycle…

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Go to the MDI and send


EDIT (not $$) to initiate homing.

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Ok, diving into the grbl v1.1 MDI commands has yielded the “$H” command for the homing cycle. Definitely not as accessible as a dedicated interface button on the Jog page, but at least now I know how to manually initiate the homing cycle if needed…

I would still like to know where I can input direct coordinates for jogging the machine to a location, as mentioned here:


  • Main screen
    • L — log window
    • M for an “MDI” window which allows manually interacting w/ Grbl.[10]
  • Jogging[11]
    • Arrow keys jog in the X/Y plane
    • ./, jog the Z-axis, +/- or <> or page up/down[12]
    • 1–5 — speed control 1 = Jog Fast thru 5 = jog 0.01 mm
  • Homing / setting machine position / offset
    • note that the fields displaying machine coordinates are editable! and one may directly type into them.[13]


Neither ‘Machine Position’ nor ‘Work Position’ allows for the displayed coordinates to be edited…

Is jogging to a specified direct-input coordinate possible (outside of running g-code)?

Thanks Will,

I tried this ("$$") and I can’t tell if it did anything other than output the machine settings to the log. But “$H” did work for initiating the ‘homing cycle’, I still miss the dedicated button on the rapid positioning tab…

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Mistyped — $H is correct. $$ sends settings.

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Yes, if using the MDI does not count as “running G-code” ?
You can send for example:

G53 G0 X-100 Y-100 Z-5

to go to absolute machine coordinates (-100mm, -100mm, -5mm) from homing position.


This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks @Julien!

Quick question: Do I press ‘send’ after the G21 line and G90 line, or after all of the lines are input (using Carbide Motion as the controller)?

Actually you can put them all on a single line and hit send once, it will work

G21 G90 G53 G0 X-100 Y-100 Z-5



Thanks man, you are awesome!!

I really mean that. I see you and @WillAdams help so many people on this board, please know that you are very much appreciated!

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